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Cinnamon Homes Crime Watch Committee

We were introduced to our new Crime Watch representative:  Officer Singletary

Have questions for our Crime Watch representative?  Feel free to email her at or bring it up at the next crime watch meeting!

This was a kick-off meeting to restart the crime watch meetings (we have not met for over 6 months).  It was a very informative session with Ofc Singletary.  City and Local (to our neighborhood) crime metrics are down. 

Ever watch Forensic Files or one of the CSI tv shows?  Well we are welcomed into the forensic fold this evening by getting our own forensic marking kit.  "Smartwater"   Learn more about Smartwater by going to

Use Smartwater to mark all your valuables.  Its invisible and only takes seconds.  If stolen, police can quickly get these items back to you if recovered.  Smartwater places an invisible tracking serial number on your items only the police can read.  Miramar PD has a limited number of Smartwater kits.  You can get yours at the Miramar PD Office. 

Look forward to our next Crime Watch meeting in about 45 days.  Dates will be posted on our home page once known.

Thanks to everyone who attended.






Community Oriented Policing Bureau